Birch Plywood

Birch Plywood is manufactured to European standard EN635-2 with a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, which means it meets all ten principles from the FSC, including reduction of environmental impact and appropriate monitoring and assessment activities to maintain the condition of forests.

Birch Plywood maintains its performance characteristics under conditions of high humidity and does not deform or soak. It can be used in both interior and exterior finish.

Why Birch Plywood ?

Many advantages of Birch Plywood Sheets are a result of the way that it is made. Birch plywood uses veneers that are sandwiched together, usually at right angles to the layer above or below, also known as cross bonded. This results in a product with a void-free core, which gives it greater strength and more resistance to shrinkage

Key points:

  • Higher water-resistance
  • Exceptional durability and wear-resistance
  • Hard surface

  • Resistance to temperature variation -40 to +50 °C
  • Comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes

Product Specification

Regular Exterior maintains its performance characteristics under conditions of high humidity and does not deform or soak. It can be used in both interior and exterior finish.

Standard sizes, mm (ft) 1525х1525 (5х5) 1220х2440х1220 (4х8х4) 1250х2500х1250 (4х8х4) 1500/1525x2440/2500 (5x8) 2440/2500х1500/1525 (8x5) 1500/1525х3000/3050 (5х10)
Thickness, mm 4-40
Surface type Outer layers sanded (S2S), one side sanded (S1S), unsanded (NS)
Grade I (B, S), II (BB), III (CP), IV (C)
Formaldehyde emission class Е1
Water resistance high
Density, kg/m² 640-700
Moisture content, % 5-14

Strength & Stability

Due to its cross bonded layers of veneers, Birch plywood is much more resistant to warping and bowing than other plywood, especially in thicker sheets. Its void-free core also means that screw bites can hold with 100% of their threads, leading to better screw holding. This makes it a great choice for long term use.


Birch plywood does not have jagged edges and knots, making it a popular choice for making children’s toys and furniture.


Birch Plywood comes with WATER BOILING PROOF (WBP) properties as standard.

Solid Joinery

Thanks again to its void-free core, joints such as dovetail joints are easy to do and also look great. Glue coverage is also easy, meaning that anything built in this way should last well.


Birch plywood is often chosen for the attractive look of its edges, which can be simply shaped, sanded, and finished as they are resulting, not only in an attractive finish but also saving time and materials.

Environmental Impact

Birch trees are fast-growing species, the abundance and speed growth of birch trees mean that it causes minimal devastation of biodiversity when they are cut down, making birch plywood a sustainable choice that has little impact on the environment


As Birch Plywood is manufactured to European Standards, the surface of this plywood is even which makes the final product as it should be; without surface bubbles, waviness & undulations. This makes Birch Plywood the idle choice for furniture manufacturers, architects, interior designers & carpenters.

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