Spider Glazing

Spider glazing is a practical solution for exterior glass structures. Spider glazing provides structural support to high-end glass structures with point fitting constructed out of stainless steel. These fixing absorb and distribute the dynamic and static loads of the glass structure throughout the building, ensuring that spider glass construction is safe and efficient. It's flexible and contemporary designs suitable for creating a variety of canopies and frame less glass entrances.


Spider glazing offers maximum transparency and ensures entry of natural light to the building interiors. Therefore, spider glazing curtain walls are widely used to provide day light to commercial buildings. Being visually attractive, they are also used to create quality building skins. Since they are available in unique designs and allow brightness optimization they are a number one choice for canopies, curtain wall and atriums.


Since spider glazing is meant to be installed externally, there is always the factor of unstable and inclement weather conditions tampering with the structure's durability. However, modern day spider glazing is highly weather and water-proof. The stainless steel material used in construction prevents any ill effects of rusting.